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Freelance Copywriter

This is the bit where I welcome you to my website. Hi! Have a look around!


Want to get right down to it, though? Call me. Or, if you're a millennial like me and hate talking on the phone, send me an email.

FAQ (because I know you're wondering): Do I write in Dutch, too? Jazeker!


I’m the copywriter for you or your company if:

  • You’ve got a mission and product you’re damn proud of, but you’re finding it hard to make yourself heard in a crowded market.

  • Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all and AI-generated texts are as attractive to you as Donald Trump’s toupée. They sort of do the job, but you can see right through them.

  • You’re not afraid to own the things that make you, you. Not just your strengths and triumphs, but your bumps, bruises and hidden quirks, too.

  • You’re looking for a copywriter who can pour all of your flawed, faulty, fabulous humanity into killer copy that gets you the responses and loyalty you know you’re worth.

This was my sales pitch to you. In addition to being a copywriter, I'm a part-time gardener, a science fiction aficionado, and a nice person. This last thing is the most arrogant thing you'll ever hear me say, but it's probably important for you to know if we're going to work together. 



"Stephanie is a very reliable, high-quality copywriter, and all-around marketing professional who always goes above and beyond to deliver. She's efficient, tech-savvy, and not afraid to suggest improvements to ensure any work she does delivers on your company's goals. I continue to use Stephanie for all my copywriting needs and highly recommend her to others!"

Saskia Thornton, Business Designer

Saskia is the kind of expert you want on your side if you're looking to take your company global, interstellar, all-the-way-to-the-top. Check out her work here


"I've worked together with Stephanie since March 2021 and I'm extremely enthusiastic and satisfied. In addition to copy and design for two websites and newsletters, she also writes social media copy, long-form pieces and blogs for me. She's an important factor in the success of my business festival, Play in Business. She writes in both Dutch and English for me. Steph is creative, knows how to nail my tone-of-voice, and always sticks to what we agreed to. She is professional but also has a warm and caring personality :D"

Nancy Beers, Happy Game Changer

Nancy's personal mission: 'Change the world, one game at a time'. Wham! How's that for a one-liner? Find out here how she's planning on doing it. 


"Stephanie is one of the best copywriters I have come across in the last seven years".

Tim Daalderop, TIM Copy + Content

Tim is a Dutch copywriting god and owner of TIMcademy, so excuse me while I go ugly cry in the corner. 


Every two weeks, I write about what sets us apart from the jabbering, algorithm-crazed horde of AI nipping at our heels, in my newsletter 'Writing Human'.


Sign up for my twice-monthly newsletter if:

  • You want to read stories about what makes humans so deliciously flawed and f*cked-up. 

  • You're also similarly fascinated about humanity's insistence to do The Things That Are Sure To Make Us Go Extinct, over and over again.

  • You don't mind a well-timed moan about politics, nuggets of wisdom about twenty-first century millennial life and the occasional science fiction reference, plus a tearjerker here or there.

  • Your inbox is a barren wasteland in need of a generous helping of good writing (poor you). 

Don't sign up if you want to find out how to get rich fast using ChatGPT or ten tips for making 10.000 bucks in your first month of entrepreneurship. I don't know how to do either of those things and anyone who tells you they do is full of it.



If you've scrolled this far, you've either a) really enjoyed my writing, or b) have fallen asleep with your forehead on the down arrow. I think you should probably give me a call or send me an email, either way. I'm really curious to find out who you are. 

This is code for: I want to find out if you or your company have a beautifully human story that is just itching to get told, and you're looking for a sharp-witted copywriter to get it out there in the world for you.

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